Handy Hot Jugz Shower

hot_jugz.jpgAre you one of those trekkers for whom the week doesn’t end without a camp or so? Then this news is the right information you are seeking. Introducing the latest and possibly the first of its kind in the world of mobile hygiene: Hot Jugz- a portable shower!

The shower is similar to a big thermos that can keep water two gallons of water hot for around seven hours, giving you a steamy, high pressure shower for two full minutes.

And don’t forget that it is completely camping friendly- be it trekking trips, washing sand or salt off after the sport on the beach.

The product has been launched recently; therefore keep a track when it will hit the markets down the lane.

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  1. Liam said on July 6, 2007

    Cool man! I am going to check for it quick!!!

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