How to have a Relaxing bath

A bath in the morning is often taken in a hurry. Fear of getting late to office and increasing work pressure, forces us into a hasty bath. A relaxing and soothing bath is a distant dream for most of us.

Well, if you want your bath to be a relaxing and soothing experience, keep in mind these few tips.

  • Make it a point to get up half an hour early then your usual time. So that you get time to have a relaxing bath.
  • Keep all the requirements i.e. your brush, toothpaste, towel, shampoo ready before bath time. So that you will not end up running around in a frenzy at the last minute.
  • Buy a soap that has a good scent. A good smell refreshes your senses.
  • Listen to some soothing music while your bathing which will let your senses relax.
  • Wash your body with warm water; it is a great way of calming the stressed out muscles.
  • You can also soak yourself in warm water. It is a great way of relaxing.
  • Use a clean towel to wipe your body.
  • Maintain the feeling of freshness once you are done with your bath, by rubbing moisturizing lotions and cream on your skin gently.
  • After applying cream on your skin, wear on your Ironed clothes.
  • Spice up your look by applying some make up.
  • Spray some sweet smelling perfume on your self and carry the freshness throughout the day.

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