5 W's of Bridal Shower

Everyone may have many questions about bridal shower and want to find out answers for them. Here are some common questions that pop up most frequently, and also find answers for them.


What is a bridal shower, how did it originate is something we all want to know. Legend tells us that bridal showers began when a rich young woman wanted to marry a poor man. Her father was completely against the marriage. He refused to get the couple married. Feeling sorry for the couple, their friends got together and bought them things they needed to set up a house. That’s how the theme ”shower” of gifts and blessings came up.


‘Who throws the shower party’ – this is the first question that arises. Well, the party is hosted by the maid of honour. It is important that the bride know about your plan. The bride may want some people to be invited, so inform her about the guest list well in advance.


The shower can be held either in the home of the maid of honor, a restaurant or the bride’s home. Whatever it is always make sure the venue is most convenient for the bride and/or her family.


Bridal showers are usually held anywhere from 6 weeks to 2 weeks before the wedding. Many brides have their shower two days before the wedding if guests are from out of town, so that everyone can make it.


Why do we have a bridal shower is what some of you may be thinking. Traditionally, bridal showers are a ritual of female bonding. Women got together with the bride to share stories, eat, and focus on the bride (on a smaller scale than the wedding) with gifts and fun. It’s a way of honoring the bride and making her feel special before the wedding.

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