How to shower during a Period

There are various myths which suggest that you should not shower during your periods. There is no logic behind these beliefs. Keep aside all these myths and have a relaxing and refreshing bath.A refreshing bath is very essential especially during your periods.

  • When you step inside for a bath and shed of your clothes, remove your pads or tampons. Wrap them in a paper neatly and keep them aside so that you can thrown them away ,once you finish your bath.
  • Shower as usual, if you wish to wash your hair go ahead and do so.
  • While lathering your body take care that, the lather does not enter the vagina.
  • Rinse the external area with plenty of water; avoid water from entering the vagina.
  • Once you finish your bath dry yourself, immediately put on your panties, along with a clean pad or a tampon.
  • You can use a dark colored towel to pat dry the vaginal area.
  • Wash your hands after you have placed the pad, so as to get rid of any odor.
  • Rinse the floor of the bathroom, once you have had your shower. So that the person who will be bathing next has no problem.
  • In order to avoid any kind of embarrassment make sure you carry out the used pads and dispose them away, after your bath.

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