Your Baby’s first Shower.

Bathing your baby is easy. It is just that he is so small and fragile that you may feel scared with even the idea of carrying him into the bathroom to bathe him. But don’t worry. These tips would help you through your first baby shower.

  1. If you are scared to bathe your baby in the bathroom, carry his bathing tub to your room. Make sure the windows are closed and the A/C is switched off.
  2. Keep all the necessary bath accessories handy.
  3. Fill in the tub with about 2-3 inches of lukewarm water. The temperature should be about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Undress your baby, wrap him in a towel or a small blanket and bring him to the bath area.
  5. As you begin bathing him, he may start crying, but keep your cool and bathe him well. Don’t panic.
  6. Hold your baby firmly, use left hand to give support to the baby’s neck and with your right hand support his butt. Gradually, lower your right hand and slip him into the tub, yet supporting his neck.
  7. Now with your right hand, pour some warm water little by little throughout the bathing process preventing him from getting too cold.
  8. Do not use much soap as it tends to try your baby’s skin. You and dab a little of baby body wash your right hand and rub it across his body.
  9. To wash his scalp, you can use a wet soapy cloth.
  10. Wash his genitals, using your hands and water. Its better not to use soap while washing his genitals.
  11. Use a damp cotton ball to clean his  eyes and face. Concentrate on his nostrils and eyes to wipe away traces of dried mucus.
  12. Keep a hooded towel spread out close by, one you finish bathing your baby, place him on the towel, and wrap him within.
  13. Gently pat him dry. Use a baby lotion to moisturize his skin. Powder him and dress him.
  14. Keep him warm for a few hours.

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