Tips to Keep Your Shower Clean

Always keep your shower clean enough to let you step in or else it could lead to fatal accidents and injuries. It just takes few minutes of your precious time, to swab and keep it free from scum and other deposits. So put a little effort into cleaning the corners of your shower that will leave you less prone to stench and dirt.

Tips to clean your shower:

  • Clean the shower and shower doors with a squeegee after taking a bath. This helps in getting rid of that extra water which stagnates into lime and calcium deposits.
  • Place a small fan to blow air into your shower. This will prevent the growth of bacteria and algae in the warm and moisture laden climate.
  • Clean your shower every month with a scrub free brand cleaner.
  • Use a soft body scrub to wash the doors of the shower. This prevents scratches on the fiberglass.
  • Use a shower head with a zinc strip. This helps to combat infection.
  • Ensure that the bathroom sink also has zinc coatings to prevent bacteria and infection.
  • Use diluted ammonia to clean the floor and doors of the shower. This helps in removing scum.
  • Spray warm vinegar all around the shower and leave for thirty minutes for effective results. Then rinse off with water.
  • A paste of baking soda and water also proves useful for removing the dirt on the walls and floor of the shower.
  • A tile cleaner can be used to wipe off the water that seems to accumulate on the floor and other corners of the shower.
  • Ensure that the taps are closed properly and that there is no water trickling from the them.

Safe floors and bathroom surroundings ensure your safety and health issues. Maintain your hygiene and stay free of all health hazards.

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