How To Clean Your Shower

There are several techniques one can employ to clean their shower. Also, organizing your shower is a very important thing.

Empty out things:

Empty out all those bottles, razors, and other items, which you are not using. Well, now don’t say that you don’t have any empty stuff in your shelf. Have a thorough look and you will find age-old empty shampoo bottles, shaving lotions and creams lying in your shelf. Not just empty bottles, throw out stuff, which have crossed their expiry dates also. There is no point storing them.

Clean your Shower Door:

Clean your shower door by spraying some vinegar on it. Also, there will be several other sprays available which when sprayed will help clean your shower door. Vinegar is also very helpful in removing hard water spots.

Clear Out The Mild Dew:

There are several sprays available in the market, which help clear out the dew from the walls or shower.

Clean Out The Shower Head:

Soak the showerhead in a cup of vinegar. Clean the holes with the help of a toothbrush or tooth pick. Let the showerhead soak for a longer time if it’s covered with too much of rust.

Wash out Mugs, Buckets and Soap Dishes:

Scrub out the mugs, soap dishes and buckets clean with soap water and detergent.

Rinse Things Out:

Rinse out your bathroom by splashing water all around. This way you will get rid of all the hair, dirt and other particles down the drain.

Scrub the tiles:

Sprinkle some washing powder on the floor of your bathroom and scrub out the tiles. Also, there are sprays available which help give a clean floor.

Cleaning the Drains:

Clear out the drain, remove the clogged hair, and throw it out.

Washing your shower regularly will help prevent diseases and promote hygiene.

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