The Right Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom mirrors not only help you see yourself clearly and privately but also are said to be great decorative pieces.

In today’s world every room in your house is capable of making a style statement with bathrooms being no exceptions. From fancy curtains to plants people left no stone unturned to decorate their private space-the bathroom.

A stylish looking mirror is like the icing of a cake in a well-designed bathroom. Gone are the days when people bought simple, plain shaped and ordinary looking mirrors. There are several mirrors available in different shapes and designs in the market.

The type of mirror you want to buy depends on the size of your bathroom. You can place a full sized mirror if your bathroom is spacious or you may go in for a small one if your bathroom is small.

Where should one place the mirror?

You can place a mirror on your vanity door.

Backlit Bathroom mirrors are also gaining lot of prominence. You can buy one for your bathroom, making it look very stylish.

Bathroom mirrors attached to cabinets can be placed in small bathrooms. They prove to be greats storage places, helping store shampoos, soaps, gels and pastes.

Generally mirrors are placed before the sinks, where one can see themselves while washing their faces. Going in for stretched, horizontal mirrors, instead of long, vertical ones is a great way of adding glamour to your bathroom.

Tri-view mirrors are said to look good in spacious bathrooms.

Mirrors with the wicker frame and also mirrors of gothic style are said to be a huge hit in the market.

Whatever, kind of mirror you are going in for, see that it suits the look of your bathroom. Enjoy the appreciative glances you get every time someone enters your bathroom. Also, buying a stylish mirror is not the end of the task. Maintaining it and keeping its surface clean is a very important thing.

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