Types Of Shower Doors

Shower Doors play a very important role in preventing the water from leaking out from the shower. They are more durable and reliable than the shower curtains.

Different types of shower doors are

Sliding Doors:

These doors are most commonly used and are placed over wheels which help them slide.

The disadvantages of these types of doors are that they occupy a lot of sace and are difficult to clean.

Bi-Fold Doors:

These doors are suitable for bathrooms where the opening is narrow. These doors as the name suggests can be folded and occupy minimal space.

The disadvantage of using these doors is that they tend to get binded and are cannot be operated freely. These doors also tend to collect dirt fast.

Curved Doors:

These doors are best for showers who are situated in a corner. The door is in the form of a curved glass panel. It is attached from the top and bottom and can be sided either towards the right or the left.

Swinging Doors:

These doors are very suitable for large spacious bathrooms. These doors are normally hinged. They can be pushed open in a single or double direction depending.

There are varieties of designs available in the market. Choose one that is most apt for your shower and afforadable by you.

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