Make Your Own Homemade Soap

Make your own soap within the confinements of your house. It is a simple procedure and does not require lot of effort.

Materials Required

  • Get hold of some Pure glycerin. 
  • A little quantity of solid vegetable color
  •  5–10 drops of essential oils or aromatic oils of your preference.
  • Grounded Almonds
  • 1/ 4-ounce bar of Castile soap 
  • Some water


Firstly Grind the almond powder and shred the castile soap and keep them aside.

Next heat the water in a pan till it boils nicely. Simmer down the flame and add the materials.

Add the grounded almond powder, the shredded soap, the essential oils, the vegetable color and mix till they become a thick paste.

Pour the paste into moulds and let them cool for some time.And your soap is ready to use.

You can also gift it to family and friends.

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