How to Shampoo your Hair

You have been Shampooing your hair ever since you can remember. But have you ever given a thought to the actual ‘right process’ of shampooing hair? You might think its not a big deal. All it requires is to wet your hair, apply shampoo, lather and wash. Just like you wash your clothes, isn’t it? Well, read along and see what is the correct way of shampooing your hair.

  • Brush your hair and untangle it.
  • Moisten your hair with lukewarm water.
  • Place a small amount of shampoo in your palm.
  • Rub it amidst both your palms and emulsify it.
  • Run your fingers and hands starting from your front hairline passing throw your crown to your back.
  • Now gently massage with your fingertips. Do not use nails.
  • Massage gently in small circles for one minute.
  • Rinse thoroughly for using ample time till all the shampoo is removed. If the shampoo is left on the scalp, it will lead to flaking and dandruff.
  • Do not jerk your head and hair to get rid of excess water.
  • Wrap around a towel around your head to blot the water from your hair.
  • Do not scrub your head with the towel this can damage the cuticle of your hair making it look rough and frizzy.
  • Take a wide toothed comb to gently untangle your hair from each other. Do not try hard because moist hair can break easily.
  • Avoid using a blow dryer as much as you can. Leave your hair on their own to dry. Blowing your hair with a hair dryer in excess tends to rob your hair off its natural moisture giving it a dry and frizzy look.

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