How to Shower during Your Periods

When you step inside for a bath and shed of your clothes, remove your pads or tampons.

Wrap them in a paper neatly and keep them aside so that you can throw them away, once you finish your bath.

Wash your pubic area thoroughly with water to clean it.

Shower as usual, if you wish to wash your hair go ahead and do so.

You can use a dark colored towel to pat dry the vaginal area.

Once you finish your bath dry yourself, immediately put on your panties, along with a clean pad or a tampon.

Wash your hands after you have placed the pad, so as to get rid of any odor.

Rinse the floor of the bathroom, once you have had your shower. So that others don’t have a problem.

In order to avoid any kind of embarrassment make sure you carry out the used pads and dispose them away, after your bath.

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