Lemon Bath

Did you know that a lemon is much more effective in restoring your skin’s vitality and rejuvenating it than your favorite soap. So try bathing with a lemon today. Here are some simple tips.

Choose your lemon: A lemon for bathing should be lighter in color. Darker lemons tend to be mealy- dry and somewhat crumbly or coarse in texture, inside. Mealy is not good.

Peeling the Right Way: It is acceptable, if not preferable, to leave some of the white layer on the lemon Split the peeled lemon into two halves and start showering.

Wash your hair: Hold the lemon half with the peel side out. Squeeze gently over your head to release some juice and begin rubbing the peel side of the lemon onto your hair. Make sure to cover the entire length of your hair.

Condition your hair: Hold a large piece of peel in both hands. Rub the inside (white) of the peel onto your hair. Rinse after you have applied the peel to your hair.
Wash your face: Using the same technique you used to wash your hair, wash your face with the peel-side of the lemon half. Be careful and do not let the juice enter into your eyes. They will sting real bad.

Wash Your Body: After you wash your face, use the remainder of both lemon halves to wash your body.

Rinse thoroughly: Make sure any lemon bits are removed. Enjoy smooth feeling skin.

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