Types Of Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains are available in different forms, materials and kinds. Some of them are described as follows.

1) Polyster and Vinyl Shower Curtains:

Simple, effective and sturdy barriers, they are available in various designs. Shower curtains range from formal to informal patterns. There are a wide variety of them available in the market. Curtains with animated designs are a hit with the children. Also, these curtains prevent the water from being splashed around from the tub. Their wide availability makes them adaptable almost in ever bathroom.Also, being inexpensive they can be changed frequently.


They are not very pleasing to the eye and are most often not used in plush settings.

2) Cotton Shower Curtains:

These shower curtains are elegant and neat to look at. They serve more like window curtains. 

However, they tend to form moulds pretty soon, which is not a very good sign. They cannot be used in showers where there is a high use of the bathroom, as the moisture tends to cause lot of mould and fungus.

3) Hemp Shower Curtains:

These curtains comprise the best of the above two curtains. They not only look plush but also are also very effective in keeping out water from splashing from the tub. Hemp is a heavy fabric made out of plant fiber, which is anti-bacterial in nature. No matter how many times it is washed, these curtains retain their durability.

Get the type of curtain, which is more suitable for your bathroom after a careful study of your requirements.

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