How to Decorate your Bathroom

Bathrooms are places where you spend your time in retrospection and in solitude. I wouldn’t want such an important place of my home to be a plane Jane. So time now to give your bathroom a little makeover by using some creative and innovative accessories and spruce it up. Try these simple tips –

  1. Have color theme for your bathroom. Pastels are a passé. Try something like fresh limes, bubblegum pinks, perky purple and yellow colors for your bathroom.
  2. Have your buckets, water jugs, bathtubs, tiles, towels and all the bathroom accessories including your soap, belonging to your color theme.
  3. Buy an inexpensive wine rack that can hold all your towels belonging to the color family of your bathroom theme.
  4. Have hanging lamps and lights across your bathroom that can add a zing to your central theme.
  5. Have plants, decorative soap and shampoo dispensers, soap dishes, shower curtains, mats, toilet paper, and rugs to accessorize your bathroom.

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