What is a Loofah

Loofah’s are in vogue now thanks to the popularity of shower gels again. Loofah is a small flower made up of a soft plastic mesh to scrub our body while we shower. It brings on good lather out of shower gels that’s why people like it so.
People have been using Loofah’s always. Before the plastic ones hit the market, people used natural loofahs. It was drived from a climbing vine related to the family of gourds and cucumbers. It had sponge like qualities. It somewhat looks like a cucumber.
Natural or artificial Loofah’s are fun to use. Not just because they lather well but because they do away with the dead skin cells at the surface of our skin and improve the blood circulation. It is as good as a body scrub. You will find your skin becoming flawlessly smooth and supple after using a loofah for sometime.
But make sure you keep your loofah clean and dry between your showers because loofah’s are very susceptible to bacterial invasion when left in a dark and moist place.

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