Mud Bath

It is believed that Romans were the first people to discover Mud bath and its therapeutic properties in 120 B.C. Today Mud Baths are famous because they help us to draw out excess heat and cool down the body. Mud’s water solubility allows the skin to absorb the nutrients present in the Mud.
There are many forms of mud such as –

  • Dead Sea Mud
  • Moor Mud
  • Volcanic Mud
  • Hungarian Wellness Mud
  • Clay
  • Ischia Mud
  • Bad Wilsnack
  • Ayurvedic Mud
  • Multani Mitti

Mud has a lot of healing and therapeutic properties. It is used as a healing agent for cracks, burns, bites and many other skin afflictions. Mud baths specifically use pure mud because it helps to de-toxify, remineralize and anti-inflammatory.
Many spas offer a mud bath facility. All they do is to smear your entire body with mud and cleanse it with appropriate cleansing agents.

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