How To Bathe When There is Less Water

Keep in mind these techniques while bathing when water is scarce

Take a shower instead of a bath

A shower is not only enjoyable but requires less water and enables you to get cleaner faster. A bath on the other hand uses a lot more water. A five minute shower will use only 12.5 gallons of water instead of the average bath’s 35 gallons.

Have a sponge bath

You may crib at it, but its one of the best things you can do when you hardly have any water. It requires you to dip your sponge into a mug full of water, soap it up. Then rub the sponge all over your body. Your face should be washed with a separate and soft cloth however. Rinse the sponge with clean water completely and scrub away the lather from your body. This technique can be used in extreme conditions of scarcity of water.

Take a navy shower

This technique requires you to do lot of jumping. Firstly turn on the shower, jump under it and wet yourself. Turn it off, soap up yourself, then jump in and wash off soap quickly. This is a fast way of having a refreshing and clean bath.

The Soaking Technique

There are times when you are really tired and long to have a bath to soothe your tired body. But, scarcity of water forces you to think twice. In such cases you can soak your tired feet in warm water. This brings about a calming and relaxing effect in the body.

Using a Low-Flow shower head.

This is a good way of making the most of the little water coming out of the shower.

Share a bath

Sharing your bath with your beloved not only enables you to save water when it is scarce, but also adds to your romantic life. Also it becomes a fun activity
for children when they share one bath.

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