What are Mixer Showers?

Mixer showers are those showers which mix hot water and cold water to achieve the desired temperature. The hot water can be supplied from a water heater, while the cold water can be from a tank. A mixer shower is ideal if you have readily available hot water. Mixer showers are of three types:

  • Manual mixer showers:
  • Pressure balanced mixer showers
  • Thermostatic mixer showers

Manual mixer showers:

Manual mixer showers mix hot and cold water, but they do not balance the pressure and temperature aspects of the water.

To get the ideal temperature, the hot water source and cold water should be supplied at the same pressure. If there are pressure changes in the water supply, temperature changes can be experienced. Mixer shower combi boiler are economical and are good option if you have water supplies at the same pressure

Pressure Balanced Mixer Showers:

Pressure balanced mixer showers balance the water pressure and thereby maintain constant water temperature. They are not thermostatically controlled, but can maintain proper temperature during pressure fluctuations.

Compared to thermostatic mixer showers, these are economical. Along with providing proper temperature, they also produce higher water flow.

Thermostatic mixer showers:

Thermostatic mixer shows are comfortable and a safe option for having a warm shower. These showers have a thermostatic which controls the water temperature constantly.

You can preset the required temperature by increasing or decreasing the degrees. Thus, a thermostatic mixer shower can safeguard your family from scalds. Although a bit expensive, there are preferred by many people as a safe option.

Choose a mixer shower which is easy to install, serviced and maintained. A good design will also add beauty to the bathroom. Do check the if the shower produces good water flow. A shower which automatically shuts off in the event of hot temperature should be preferred.

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