Steam Shower Enclosures

Steam shower enclosures are widely used assessor now a days. Earlier bathrooms used to be simple but now it had become a part of luxury. Steam bathroom enclosure is one of the parts of luxury.


Steam shower enclosures are used to enclose steam produce by steam generator. In order to enjoy steam bath it is necessary that steam do not escape it is possible only when enclosure of steam is there. So, it is beneficial in that sense. Normally steam enclosures are found in health clubs, Spas, beauty parlors etc. But some people who love luxury and could afford it maintain it in their homes too.

The doors of enclosure must reach up to the ceiling of the steam room and should be sealed with the walls of steam room just like weather striping. This helps in stopping the leakage of steam from the enclosure.

Different Varieties of Steam Shower Enclosures:

When you plan of purchasing steam shower you can either go for a ready made one which has all the specifications in built in it.
But if you decide to prepare your own steam bath enclosure then you will have take care of the following things:

  • Hire a contractor for the purpose and make sure that makes vapor proof doors.
  • Style and lay out is the main criteria while preparing steam shower enclosure.
  • Like the style can be simple one, for example- using a single door or it can be using additional panels to the same door.
  • While choosing the shower doors some criteria of color and finish must be followed. For instance, many varieties of finish such as golden finish, silver-bright finish, white powder finish etc are available you can choose any of them according to your need. Similarly, glass can also be selected on basis of their transparency like deco, clear or transparent.

Apart from these, other options like adjustable steam units, waterfall shower, rain dome shower head, thermostat and volume control and many other such features are also available which can be used according to ones budget and need.

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