What are Walk-In Bath Tubs?

The elderly and those with mobility problems may have a tough time having bath. Instead of being a refreshing and relaxing experience, bathing can become a strain and task to be completed. To manage this problem, walk in bath tubs are the perfect solution. Walk-in bath tubs are those which have a door incorporated to the side of the tub. Hence, one can enter in and out of the tub easily and have bath comfortably.

Bathroom is the one of the risky areas for the elderly. The slippery floors and water on the floor surface can pose a great risk for falls. Added to it, the rim of the tub is several inches off the ground level. Getting into the tub would need lifting up the leg and then getting into the tub. Sadly the elderly might face several difficulties while getting into the bath tub. For this reason, walk-in bath tubs are designed to make getting in and out of the bathroom comfortable.

The Design of Walk-In Bath Tubs:

The walk-in bath tub has a door incorporated to its side. The door might be inward swinging or outward swinging. Inward swinging doors are suitable when there is a lot of internal space, while outward swinging doors are good when there is lesser space inside the tub. Some consider outward swinging doors safer as they reduce the risk of locking themselves due to the pressure of water.

The doors are enabled to be auto-sealed. The handle to the door tub is within comfortable reach. These doors are also water-tight to eliminate water-leakage. Some walk-in tubs also have a seat where the elderly can comfortably sit while having bath.

The walk-in tubs also have features such as hydrotherapy water jets, inline water heater among others. Most of the walk-in tubs are made with acrylic or fiberglass. A good plumber would be able to install the tub. A walk-in tub is best for those who find getting in and out of the tub difficult. Elderly, people with arthritis, mobility problems would find this greatly beneficial.

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