Quadrant Shower Enclosure

For bathing to be a relaxing and refreshing experience, we often include some great plumbing and technology to our bathroom. One such great option is a quadrant shower enclosure which not only saves space, but gives a beautiful look to your bathroom.

A quadrant shower enclosure is a type of shower enclosure, which adds beauty and comfort to the bathroom. The quadrant shower enclosure has a curved front, with the gliding doors. The other side of the shower enclosure fits neatly into the wall. So, if you would like to have a shower, you could just slide the doors get into the water-tight enclosure and have a refreshing bath.

Benefits of Quadrant Shower Enclosure:

Quadrant shower enclosure is cleverly designed to save space. As it fits snugly into the bathroom, it takes up minimum space in the bathroom. As this shower has a curved front, it lacks the edges which encroach or interfere with the bathroom area.

The design also gives a maximum showering area. Few of the quadrant showers come in the shape of an oasis, to maximize the showering area. These showers come usually in the sizes 800mm, 900mm and 1000mm – and you can choose the one which best suits your requirement.

Quadrant shower enclosures also give an elegant look to the bathroom due to their striking curvaceous designs. Shower doors come in varieties such as steel, aluminium, or chrome etc. Glass doors have options such as patterned doors, frosted or clear glass doors.

Quadrant shower enclosures also come in the form of walk-in showers, which are specifically aimed at elderly or those with mobility problems. These showers do not have a door, which can enable you to get in and out without much difficulty.

Before going for a quadrant shower enclosure, make sure it has good inner space. The doors should close easily and the handling should be comfortable. The shower should also be easy to clean.

A quadrant shower enclosure can be a great addition to your bathroom. Get one for a relaxing bathing experience.

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