Bathroom Power Shower

A shower is best enjoyed when it the water comes out with a force. But, sometimes the water pressure is low and the shower lacks force. If you face this problem, you can go for a bathroom power shower. A power shower uses a pump to produce water of required pressure through the shower head.

A bathroom power shower uses a mixer and a pump to get proper flow of water. The mixer combines the hot water and cold water through inlets and sends it to the pump. The pump enables the water to flow freely through the shower head.

Types of Bathroom Power Shower:

A power shower is of two types – Single pump shower and double pump shower. A single pump shower is suitable if the natural water pressure is a bit less than the desired pressure. A double pump shower is recommended if the water pressure is considerably low.

A power shower would require a hot water source, along with the normal cold water. The hot water from the heater is fed into the mixer through the inlet. Similarly the cold water is fed into the mixer. The mixer combines hot and cold water to arrive at the ideal temperature. Once the ideal temperature is achieved, the water is sent to the pump –which sends out the water to the shower head with a force. Thus, in this way, you would be able to have a good water flow of proper pressure.

A bathroom power shower is recommended if you do not like the force of the water through your shower. Some people feel that power shower requires large quantity of water and thus you may be wasting considerable amount of water. One solution to this is to use the power shower for limited time period to check the water usage.

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