Microfiber Bath Towels

Microfiber bath towels are made of extremely thin fiber, and are capable of rapidly absorbing moisture. In fact, these towels can absorb seven times of their own weight. So, these towels are good drying agents and are better than the usual cotton towels. They are also of lightweight which makes them ideal to carry when you are traveling.

Microfiber bath towels consist of 80% polyster and 20% polyamide. Some towels boast of about 1 lakh and more fibers per square inch. Hence, they are effective in absorbing moisture. These towels also dry rapidly, making them ready to use for subsequent baths later in the day.

These towel are also soft and have a silky feel. They come in varieties such as embroidered, plain or dyed variants. Swimming towels, bath towels, sports towels, gym towels and hair drying towels are some of the varieties of microfiber bath towels.

Why is Microfiber Towel Better?

Microfiber has each fiber which is 100 times smaller when compared to human hair and 10 times smaller than silk. Microfiber is a combination of polyamide and polyster, which makes the fiber durable, strong and capable of drying quickly.

The combination of polyster and polyamide is known to contain a static charge, which makes the towel to attract moisture, dirt and dust.

Buying a microfiber bath towel is a good option as they can save time spent on drying yourself after having a bath. They also dry up quickly, saving your time. A hypoallergenic variant of microfiber towel is available which is suitable for those who have allergies.

While buying a microfiber towel, make sure it is a combination of polyster and polyamide. It should be of lightweight and the it should have a soft feel. So, if you would like to have a soft, durable, quick absorbing bath towel choose microfiber bath towel.

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