Stall Shower Curtains

Stall shower curtains are available in a variety of designs, textures, materials, shapes and sizes these days. They provide privacy in the shower stall, along with decorating it.

Are you wondering how you can keep floor of your bathroom water free? Do you want to add a touch of beauty to your bathroom? Then shower stall curtains may be the best bet for you.

Types of stall shower curtains

Shower stall curtains may be made of vinyl, plastic or fabric. Fabric curtains are the most popular and look the best, followed by vinyl. A potential problem with fabric curtains is that they are prone to soak up water. This is not a problem with vinyl and plastic curtains, as these materials are naturally waterproof. But with new technology, fabric curtains are also being turned water proof and water resistant.

Stall shower curtains are available in various shapes. The normal size is 72” x 72”, but you can get a taller or wider one depending on your requirement.

There is no limit to the design of stall shower curtains. There is a wide range available. Single color themes, multi color, flowery designs, cartoon characters, animals, beach theme – anything and everything under and over the sun, including the sun itself.

Designer stall shower curtains

You can also choose from various designer brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lorenz, Liz Clairborne etc. These designer brands may be a little more expensive, but they lend a touch of class to your bathroom. Designer brands also offer matching accessories, like towels and motion pumps, which further enhance the look of your bathroom.

Things to remember while buying stall shower curtains

Choose a stall shower curtain that best reflects your personality. Remember, you are going to use that shower every day, and that curtain should help you relax while you are in there.
Buy more than one set of shower stall curtains.
Get information about how to maintain the curtain you are buying. You don’t want mildew on the curtain.
Shower curtains are pretty cheap in general. So don’t be a miser here, get the best one.

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