Copper Vessel Sink

A copper vessel sink can be a wonderful addition to your bathroom. It can change the way a bathroom looks. Copper vessel sinks can also be used in the kitchen.

Copper sinks are quite popular because of their beautiful finish. They come in a variety of finishes and patinas, from a natural, glowing finish to an aged finish. They can be light or dark brown in color.

Copper sinks are created in all shapes and sizes. They can be above-counter vessel sinks, eye-catching farmhouse sinks, simple prep sinks or veggie sinks.

Copper sinks also come with matching plumbing, like drains and stainers.

But copper sinks also have a disadvantage. Copper reacts constantly with the environment around. Temperature, water mineral content and moisture will change the appearance of the copper vessel sink. So you need to consider all these factors before buying a copper vessel sink.

If you want to buy a copper vessel, choose when that has a thick shell as it is more rigid and durable. Your copper vessel should not sound like tin when it is hit.

How to clean a copper vessel sink

Cleaning your copper vessel sink is an important part of maintaining its look. In fact, if you clean it well, your copper sink will become more beautiful over time. Cleaning a copper sink is easy and should not take much of your time.

  • Use only soap to clean the copper sink. Do not use any other harsh and abrasive chemicals on it. use a soft cloth to wipe after cleaning.
  • If you use hard water, wipe the copper sink after every use.
  • Do not leave any acidic food in the copper sink. Immediately remove any acidic food and clean the sink.
  • Using a car wax on your copper sink will enhance its longevity and beauty.
  • Read the cleaning instructions from the manufacturers. Not all copper sinks are to be maintained in the same way.

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