What is a Sliding Shower Door

A Sliding shower door can give your shower enclosure an elegant look. It can also save a lot of space in your bathroom. The shower door is installed by placing tracks at the top and bottom. The shower door glides on the tracks when opend. In the process, one door slides behind the other door.

The sliding shower door comes in the form of glass and acrylic. The glass door can be transparent, frosted or of tinted variety. The tracks on which the glass door slides on can be made of bronze, nickel or can be gold plated. These doors come with a door handle which can be used to place your towels. Some of the doors also have towel bars.

The Benefits of Sliding Shower Door

A sliding shower door does not take up a lot of space as the doors slide behind each other. It keeps the water out of the bathroom and locks the heat while showering. Cleaning these doors is also easy. So, if you are using shower curtains, switching to a sliding shower door can be beneficial.

Coming to the disadvantages, installation of this door can be complicated and should be done only by a professional. Sometimes, the rollers on the tracks can become inefficient and may need to be replaced. However, a good quality door should not give you much trouble for a number of years.

A sliding shower door takes less space and can enhance your showering experience. Make sure you go for a quality door to get its full benefits.

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