What are Bi-fold Shower Doors?

Bi-fold shower doors are designed to open inwards and save a lot of space in the bathroom. When the door is opened, it rolls inwards, folds and aligns itself with the wall. As these doors are available in several varieties, they can give your bathroom an elegant look according to your choice.

The bi-fold shower doors are suitable for smaller bathrooms. If your shower enclosure has less space for the range of motion of a normal door, a bi-fold shower door is suitable. These doors do not require much door space as they roll inwards. Due to the inward movement, the door keeps the water drips inside the shower enclosure.

There are set of rollers on which the doors slide along when opened. These doors can be secured with the help of bolts or magnetic closures. For steam showers, magnetic closures do a better job in withstanding the heat.

Benefits of Bi-fold shower door:

* Save space
* Economical
* Reduce the inconvenience of water drips
* Come in many varieties and can add to the look of your bathroom

Bi-fold shower doors come in various colors such as silver, white or chrome. Glass shower doors can be transparent, frosted or tinted. The sizes of these doors range from 650 mm to 1200 mm. They can be customized to fit your bathroom size. Even if your bathroom size is small , these doors can blend neatly due to compact design. These doors are also economical and would be a great choice for a shower door.

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