Why Use a Chlorine Shower Filter?

The presence of chlorine in water can result in itchy skin, eye irritation, and hair splitting/dryness. While bathing, the chlorine fumes can get into the lungs and result in irritation and aggravation of asthma. To avoid the ill-effects of chlorine, you can install a chlorine shower filter. This filter can filter out about 90% of the chlorine and can protect you from the effects of chlorine.

About Chloine Shower Filter:

A chlorine shower filter can be fitted onto the existing shower pipe. When the water goes through the filter, the chlorine is filtered before the water flows out of the shower head. The filters used to remove the chlorine differs from product to product. GAC (granular activated carbon) and KDF (atomic brass) are examples of filters used to remove chlorine.

Many of the chlorine shower filters also filter out lead, iron, heavy metals , fungus and algae along with chlorine. This will keep the water clean. Using a chlorine shower filter for a few weeks can result in softer skin, smoother hair- as the water used for bathing is clean.

The cost of chlorine shower filter is between $40 to $60. Each filter can be used for several times effectively to get clean water, free of chlorine. The filter cartridge can be replaced after several uses.

When we consider the effects of chlorine on the skin and hair, installing a chlorine shower filter has several benefits. Using it can keep your skin and hair healthy. While buying, make sure the filter is easy to install and of lightweight. It should also be able to filter out chlorine for several uses.

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