What is a Steam Shower Door

A steam shower door is specifically made to trap heat and keep the shower enclosure warm. The door extends up to the ceiling to keep the heat from escaping. The gaskets used in the door should be heat proof and the glass should be tempered. A proper steam shower door will withstand the heat and keep the heat escaping.

Types of Steam Shower Door:

Following are the types of steam shower doors:

  • Hinged:

    A hinged steam shower door is a commonly used shower door. The panels used in this door can be one or more. The door should open outside for safety reasons.

  • Sliding door:

    A sliding shower door saves space and is comfortable to use. It is also provides good lighting.

For choosing a steam shower door, glass door is preferred. A glass door can add beauty to the shower enclosure and is warm to touch. It also allows proper lighting. Among the glass doors, you can choose clear or frosted glass door. You can also choose the different colors available in the glass doors.

When it comes to the finishing of the steam shower door, you can choose silver finishing, gold finishing, or white-powder coat finishes.

While buying the steam shower door, make sure it is of good quality. It should withstand the heat produced by the steam generator. For the installation, a professional would be needed to put up a steam shower door. A proper heat trapping quality and good style can keep your shower enclosure comfortable and beautiful.

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