Why Use a Thermostatic Shower Mixer?

A thermostatic shower mixer can help you to have a warm shower of constant temperature. A shower mixer is the one which mixes water from hot water supply and cold water supply. However, the water flowing out of a normal shower mixer can have temperature fluctuation due to changes in water pressure. To overcome to problem, you can choose higher end version of shower mixer, which is a thermostatic shower mixer.

Problems associated with a normal shower mixer:

In a normal shower mixer, pressure determines the temperature of the shower. For example, while using the shower, if someone else uses the cold water, there would be a drop in cold water supply. Hence, the temperature of the water in the shower would rise suddenly. A thermostatic shower avoids this problem by using a thermostat.

How Does Thermostatic Shower Mixer Work?

A thermostatic shower mixer has an in-built thermostat. When the water gets hot, it shuts down the hot water supply and lets in the cold water. In the same way, when the shower water gets colder, it shuts down the supply of cold water to achieve the desired temperature. You can set the desired temperature and get a shower of constant temperature.

A thermostatic shower is a safe option as it prevents accidental scalding from hot water. It is free of pressure changes and hence, it can supply warm water continuously.

Before buying a thermostatic shower mixer, check the maximum temperature the shower can handle and make sure you do not feed water with temperature higher than that. A thermostatic shower is a good option as it is comfortable, safe and easy to use. Buying it can help you to have a warm shower for a number of years.

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