What is a Curved Shower Bath Screen?

A curved shower bath screen accommodates both the shower enclosure and the bath area. It clever curvy design maximizes the bath space and blends with the surroundings. So, if you are still using shower curtains, its time to switch to curved bath screen.

A shower curtain may add beauty to your bathroom, but it can remain wet for a long time. Improper maintenance can make it dirty and it can turn moldy. A bath screen on the other hand, can keep the water from spilling out and retains the water in the tub. It can keep the floor dry. It also requires minimal maintenance.

Benefits of Using a Curved Bath Screen:

Among the bath screens, a curved bath screen is a good option. This screen maximizes the space due to its curved structure. Its look can also add beauty to your bathroom. If you are planning to accommodate both bath area and shower area, a curved bath screen is advisable.

A curved shower screen comes in the form of toughened glass and is frameless. You can choose clear glass, colored glass or a frosted glass. Choose the one which best suits your bathroom surroundings.

The cost of the curved shower bath screen is economical considering the long-term gains and low-maintenance cost. Other types of bath screens are bi-fold bath screens, square screens, oval screens.

So, if you do not have an external shower enclosure and would like to maximize your bathroom space, go for a curved bath screen.

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