PVC Shower Curtains: Are They Safe?

PVC shower curtain are made of plastic poly vinyl chloride. They are waterproof, durable and come in bright colors. However, studies show that PVC shower curtains emit chemicals into the air, which can be hazardous to health. Following this, the retailer, IKEA has withdrawn PVC shower curtains from its stores.

The study involved checking the chemicals present in the PVC shower curtains and the volatile chemicals they produced. The study showed that these curtains can have dangerous affect on health. Following this, health care professionals are warning people against the use of PVC shower curtains.

The Dangers of PVC Curtains:

The Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ) took up the study to determine the threats posed by the chemicals in the PVC shower curtains. They found out that:

  • About 108 volatile organic compounds (VOC) were released in 28 days
  • After 2 weeks, 16 VOCs were present
  • After 4 weeks, about 4 VOCs were present

The chemicals released by the PVC shower curtains were linked with headaches, nausea, respiratory problems and damage to liver and kidneys. The materials used in the PVC shower curtains were found to contain phthalates. Phthalates are linked with reproductive problems and pregnancy problems.

PVC shower curtains are sold in big retails outlets such as Walmart, Target, Sears, and Bed bath. Owing to the dangers associated with the PVC shower curtains, it is better to avoid PVC shower curtains. It is better to switch to vinyl ethylene shower curtains, as they are safer option.

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