The Benefits of Using Dual Flush Toilets

Ever thought of saving water on a daily basis? Dual flush toilet does an enormous saving of water. It saves up to 67% of water when compared to the normal flush. Dual flush toilet has two buttons, one for solid waste and the other for liquid waste. It uses less water for liquid waste when compared to the solid waste and thus it can save a lot of water every day.

Dual flush toilet was invented in Australia and this flush has been promoted by the Australian government as it can save the wastage of water.

How Does it Work?

Dual flush toilet consists of two buttons. The smaller button is meant for liquid waste and the bigger button is meant for solid waste. The flush delivers lesser water for the liquid waste. The flush is also designed in such a way that it needs less water to operate. The water line of the flush is lower than the normal flushes Altogether, a dual flush toilet can save up to 67% of the water used.

A dual flush is a wise choice for your bathroom as it will save water in your tank. A family using a dual flush toilet can save a great quantity of water. Its new technology ensures that the proper cleaning is present.

Dual flush toilets are expensive compared to the normal ones. They cost around $250 to $350. However, the investment is reasonable considering the savings of water it will provide. There are also provisions where you can

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