Why Use a Folding Shower Seat?

A shower seat is ideal for those who would like to sit comfortably while having a shower. Those with mobility issues would also find a shower seat comfortable. If you would like to have a shower seat, but have less space in your bathroom, you can go for a folding shower seat.

What is a Folding Shower Seat?

A folding shower seat is a wall-mounted seat which can be folded up against the shower wall when not in use – thus saving the space in the shower enclosure. The seat is mounted against the wall using stainless steel brackets. The required height is adjusted during the installation of the seat.

Folding shower seat:

A folding shower seat can be made of different materials such as sold plastic, stainless steel, wood, teak etc. While plastic is water resistant, a wooden seat can add elegance to your shower.

Some folding shower seats also have legs to support the weight. When the seat is folded up, the legs are aligned parallel to the wall.

Benefits of using a Folding Shower Seat:

A folding shower seat is a good option for the elderly and those with mobility issues. However, this seat can be used by anyone to make their showering experience comfortable. A folding shower seat saves the space in the shower enclosure as it can be folded back when not in use.

While buying a folding shower seat, check how much weight it can hold. Most shower seats can bear up to 300 pounds. Also check if the seat’s height is adjustable.

Make sure you get the seat installed by a professional. Once installed, the shower seat should not be wobbly. A folding shower seat is economical and can offer several benefits. It can add to your comfort for the years to come.

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