Use Swivel Shower Chair For a Comfortable Shower

A swivel shower chair is a modified form of shower chair, which can turn 360 degrees around. This chair is a better
option as will give you better access to the things in the shower enclosure. If your shower is small and you would like to have a comfortable shower chair, go for a swivel shower chair.

Swivel shower chair is suitable for small shower enclosures. It can save space and give you mobility while showering. The elderly can also benefit from this chair, as they can move around to reach things which are out of reach.

Features of a Swivel Shower Chair:

  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Can be locked into a fixed position. Some showers have 4 locking positions.
  • The height is adjustable
  • The seat is mostly made of plastic
  • Slipping of the chair is prevented by the rubbers or ferrules present at the chair feet

The seat of the shower chair has holes, which allow drainage of water while showering. The feet of the chair
Can be made of metal or plastic.

If you are planning to buy a swivel shower chair, check if the chair has anti-slip feet. Also check if the chair can be locked into a particular position.

Another form of a swivel shower chair is the swivel shower stool. This product also turns around, but it does not have arm rests or a back, but can save more space in the shower enclosure.

A swivel shower chair is a good option if you want easy access in the shower and if the space inside the shower is small. Do, buy the swivel shower chair for a comfortable and easy shower.

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