What are Jetted Bathtubs?

At the end of the day, when you are tired, a warm bath would be ideal. How about warm bath with a gentle massage? Jetted bathtubs help you to have this at the comfort of your own bathroom. Jetted bathtubs have jets which force the water around the tub. As the water moves around the tub, you would have a gentle massaging experience. This can soothe your pains and relax you.

Benefits of Jetted Bathtubs:

Jetted bathtubs can relieve body pains. They also relieve arthritic pains as the water from the jets mimics the massaging action. The heat from the water helps in treating the sprains and aches of the body. The gentle massage provided by these bathtubs makes bathing a relaxing and soothing experience.

Types of Jetted Bathtubs:

Water jets and air jets are the two types of jetted bathtubs. Water jets recirculated the existing water around the bathtub. They also maintain the warm temperature as the water is recirculated. However, you cannot use bubble bath or oils in this type of bathtubs.

Air jets push air to create the gentle massaging action. You can use bubble bath or oil in these bathtubs. However, the water temperature may decrease due to the action of air pushed into the water.

Jetted bathtubs are available in different sizes and shapes. They can be placed in your bathroom, where you can enjoy your bath with a gentle massage. It can also relieve your pains, aches, sprains and give you a wonderful bathing experience.

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