What are Pivot Shower Doors?

Pivot shower doors are simple yet classic. A pivot shower door opens outward on two hinges or metal pivots. They can be opened completely and closed completely. Pivot shower doors are preferred as they are easy to operate and maintain. Pivot doors are also known as hinged recess shower doors.

Features in Pivot Shower Doors:

A pivot shower door should be made of toughened glass for more durability. The door should also be watertight, so that the water does not spill outside the shower enclosure.

Nowadays the pivot shower doors have the option of right hand opening and left opening. Left-handers would be more comfortable going for a left hand opening shower door. Some of them also have nylon brushes available for noiseless operation.

If your shower enclosure has a narrow opening, pivot shower doors would be an ideal choice. Pivot shower doors are available in sizes 700mm to 1300mm. So, if you would like to have a shower which is both simple and stylish, go for a pivoted shower door.

Other types of shower doors include sliding shower doors, bifold shower doors and bespoke shower doors. A sliding shower door is preferable when you would like to save the space in your bathroom. A sliding shower door slides inside another door, thus it saves space as you would not need to open the door outwards.

Pivoted shower doors are available in a wide variety of designs, which can give your shower a classic look. So, go ahead and install a pivoted shower door for good durability and comfort.

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