What is a Corner Shower Door?

Corner shower door is useful if you have limited space in your bathroom. The corner shower door has two half doors which slide behind the other doors, allowing access from the corner. The doors are made of tempered glass and are a good option if the space on the either side of the cubicle is small.

What is a Corner Shower Door?

A corner shower door is along the finished wall. It has two half doors on each side. Each half door slides behind another door, towards the wall. Hence, you would be able to enter the shower from the corner without any trouble.

The rollers are present inside the frame which enable the door to slide behind smoothly. These shower doors are ideal when you have limited bathroom space. You do not have to open the door outwards, which would require a lot of space. You would simply have to slide the door and enter the shower enclosure.

A shower door is helpful preventing the water from spilling around. A corner shower door adds to the benefit by saving the space. The sliding is smooth enabling you to have a comfortable bathing experience.

Corner shower doors are coming up with a number of options such as chrome frame, chrome plated handles and magnetic seals which helps the door to be watertight. Whatever, the design a corner shower door saves a lot of space and is also a comfortable option. So, if you don’t want to lose too much bathroom space, choose corner shower door.

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