What is Thermostatic Power Shower?

A power shower uses a pump, which makes up for the low water pressure. As a result, you would be having a proper shower even if the water pressure is low. A power shower is helpful if low water pressure affects your shower flow. A thermostatic power shower adds to the comfort by giving you shower of proper temperature.

How Does a Thermostatic Power Shower Work?

A shower mixer combines the hot water and cold water from separate water supplies. The thermostat present in the power shower controls the temperature of the water. If water is hot, more of cold water is combined. Similarly, if the water is cool, more of hot water is mixed to achieve the right temperature. Now the water of required temperature is fed through a pump, which allows the water to flow out with a good pressure, enabling you to have a comfortable shower.

If the shower is not enabled with a thermostat, the temperature of water is dependent upon the mixer. The mixer is in turn dependent upon the water pressure from the water supply. If the water pressure of the hot water is high, the water may be hot. This may result in scalding and burns. A thermostat power shower helps in preventing scalds and burns, by controlling the water temperature.

By using a thermostatic power shower, you would be having both good flow and proper temperature. The temperature setting of the shower can be changed according to your requirement. So, use a thermostatic power shower and have a warm shower every day.

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