What is a Low-pressure Shower Head?

A low pressure shower head saves water by restricting the water flow. Normal shower heads use about 18 liters of water per minute. However, low-pressure showerheads use only 9 to 11 liters per minute. By using a low-pressure shower head, you can cut down your water usage to half and also have significant savings on electricity.

How Does a Low Pressure Shower Head Work?

Low pressure shower heads have built-in flow restrictors, which reduce the water output. Some of them mix air into the water, and maintain a constant pressure. Low pressure shower heads may also have tiny apertures, which let out the water in a thin stream, saving the water in the long run.

Installing a Low-Pressure Shower Head

A low-pressure shower head can save water and electricity. Over a period of time, it can become a valuable replacement. Installing a shower head is easy. Firstly, you would have to unscrew the existing shower head and check if the one is threaded or threadless. While buying, choose the shower head accordingly. With the number of designs available, you can choose the one which complements your shower. By using a rubber washer and putting in the shower head, you can have the water-saving shower head ready to use.

The new designs of low pressure shower heads compensate the low pressure by mixing in air. They also have a pulsating kind of spray, giving you a nice shower. So, by choosing a low-pressure shower head, you would be saving on water bills, electricity bills and can also have a comfortable shower.

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