What is a Corner Shower Seat?

A corner shower is the seat which is installed in the corner of the shower. This feature can be added onto the existing shower and is also a good idea if you are renovating your shower. A corner shower seat would be a valuable addition for the elderly, disabled, those with health problems, and people who find standing for long time difficult. The shower seat can also significantly reduce the number of falls and keep you safe.

Due to the slippery surface of the shower, the elderly face the risk of falls in the shower. Standing for long periods of time may seem uncomfortable to some. A corner shower seat gives comfort to those who take long showers. Similarly, it offers protection to the elderly. Instead of getting a portable seat, you can try a installed corner shower seat.

Installation of the Corner Shower Seat:

For the installation of a corner shower seat, you should first buy a shower seat. A shower seat which bears around 300 pounds to 400 pounds are available. You can choose the one which best supports your weight. Once you choose the seat, you need to drill holes for the fasteners. Using a masonry bit can be helpful to drill holes into the cement.

Once the holes are drilled, you can install the screws and fix the shower seat. A mortar can be used fill the whole unit. This will keep the seat from liquid buildup.

A corner shower seat is not only comfortable, but protects you from falls. You can also add a shower mat to add to the safety of your bathroom.

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