What is a Massage Hand Shower?

Hand showers are a comfortable option as they allow you to manipulate the hose as per your choice. However, if you would like to adjust the flow of the shower from time to time, you can choose a massage hand shower. A massage hand shower consists of 4 to 5 settings, which help in choosing light, heavy or gentle spray according to your choice.

What is a Massage Hand Shower?

A massage hand shower has several spray modes. Following are the examples of the spray modes the shower can have:

  • Fast massage
  • Slow massage
  • Soothing Spray
  • Trickle Spray

By changing the spray mode, you can either have fast, slow, or a gentle water flow. The trickle spray option can be helpful to save water. When the trickle spray option is chosen, the handheld shower would operate similar to a water-saving or low-flow shower. By using the shower in this mode, you can save water and also power in the long run.

The massage hand shower usually has a flexible hose for comfort. The shower arm mount option, can help in hands-free showering.

The massage hand shower can give you a soothing and luxurious showers. Unlike other showers, you can vary the water flow based on your requirement. Some of these showers also have more than 5 speed settings. When used, they can be helpful to customize your showering needs.

A massage hand shower is extremely helpful to change the flow of shower as per your daily needs. Over time, it can become a valuable addition to your bathroom.

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