What is a Disabled Transfer Bench?

A disabled transfer bench can be extremely helpful for those who are disabled, aged, and those with knee pains. The bench consists of 6 to 8 legs and can be placed over the tub for easy showering. People who find it difficult to step over the bathtub wall would find a shower transfer bench extremely helpful.

What is a Disabled Transfer Bench?

A disabled transfer bench is a bench which is supposed to be placed over the bathtub. A pair of legs rest outside the bathtub, while the other pair rests inside the bathtub. As a result, the individual can easily sit on the bench and have a shower. Suction cups are provided for the legs of the bench for greater grip and stability. Some of the shower transfer benches also slide the seat so as to enable the individual to reach the proper positioning for shower.

Some of these benches are padded for extra comfort, while some of them are molded for easy cleaning. The benches also contain backrest and arms for comfort. Foldable and extra-long benches are also available.

Using this bench, the individual can have a comfortable and safe bath. While buying this bench, you should take the size of the bathtub into consideration. The bench should be rust-proof, should be able to drain water and should be easy to clean.

A disabled transfer bench is useful for the elderly and those with mobility problems. So, for added safety and comfort in your shower, get yourself a shower transfer bench.

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