Why Use Shower Grab Bars?

Shower is a place where there is high risk of falls. The slippery surface of the shower can be very risky, especially for the elderly and those with mobility problems. To avoid these problems, you can choose shower grab bars. Shower grab bars are support bars which are can installed in the shower. People can get into and outside the shower by holding onto the grab bars.

Grab bars are generally used in public restrooms and hospitals. However, if these are installed in your shower they can add to your safety and keep you from the risk of falls. Although the elderly and those with mobility problems would benefit the most from grab bars, it can be useful addition for almost everyone.

For choosing the grab bars, you can either use for horizontal grab bars, vertical grab bars or angle grab bars. Horizontal grab bars are better as they provide better safety.

For people with mobility problems, grab bars can help them to move in the shower. By holding onto the grab bars, they can move in and out of shower. You can also add a shower seat for extra safety. While buying grab bars, buy the ones which are ADA compliant. The ADA compliant grab bars should be able to support more than 250 pounds of weight.

Generally people try to maintain balance by holding onto towel rails. However, towel rails do not support much weight, and the excess weight can dislodge them. Hence, for added safety, choose shower grab bars, which can provide support and keep you from accidental falls.

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