What are Suction Grab Bars?

Shower is a place where there is a high risk of falls. The elderly and those with mobility problems have high risk of falls. The solution would be to install grab bars in your shower. However, if you do not like to drill holes into the tiles, you can choose suction grab bars. These grab have two suction cups which hold onto the shower wall and give proper support while getting in and out of the shower.

What are Suction Grab Bars?

Suction grab bars can be placed in the shower without the hassle of drilling holes. Using the vacuum, they hold onto the shower wall. They have two suction cups on either ends, which keep the grab bar tight onto the shower.

The suction bars usually have a lever, using which you can lock the bar onto the wall. By using the lever, you can also remove the suction bar from the wall.

The suction bars can be placed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. They can be placed to the side of the tub, near the shower, or near the toilet. The elderly can hold onto the grab bars while coming in and out of the shower and be safe.

While buying the suction grab bars, it is important to note the weight they can bearing. Most suction bars can bear a weight up to 130 pounds, but this varies from model to model. Suction bars should only be installed on smooth surfaces such as tiles. Porous surfaces or oily surfaces may cause the bars to slip.

Suction grab bars are recommended if you do not want to have holes drilled onto your wall. They can be used while travel or when you need the grab bars temporarily. So, if you are worried about falls, get the suction grab bars and be safe.

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