Why Use a Folding Shower Screen?

A shower screen is a useful addition to the bathroom as it separates the dry area from the wet area. It keeps the water from splashing all over, keeping the bathroom dry in non-showering area. However, shower screens require extra space in the bathroom. A solution for this would be to use a folding shower screen. These shower screens can be folded when not in use and hence, they save the shower space.

What is a Folding Shower Screen?

A folding shower screen is has 2 or more partitions, which can be folded together to save space. There are various types of folding shower screens available – such as bi-fold shower screen, 4-fold shower screen and 6-fold shower screen.

If you are not using the folding shower screen, you can just fold them and open them up when in use. These screens are available in sizes 700mm, 800mm, and 1000mm to suit your bathroom. If you would like a larger screen, you can use a folding shower screen with more number of panels.

Many people prefer choosing shower curtains instead of shower screens. However, shower curtains may not restrict the water properly. They also block the light out and are hard to clean. A folding shower screen, on the other hand, allows the entry of light. It is easy to maintain, by using water or a cleaning liquid, you can keep them clean.

Folding shower screens are ideal if you would like to save space in your bathroom. With the number of sizes and designs available, a folding screen would be a valuable addition to your shower.

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