Baby Shower Centerpieces

A baby shower centerpiece is a show piece which adds attraction to a baby shower. It becomes the focal point of the baby shower. It catches the eyes of a person who enters. The gifts and other goodies can be placed near or behind the baby shower centerpiece.

Baby shower centerpiece can be a a piece made of fancy materials or it can be a floral arrangement. It can be made different by adding bows, ribbons, balloons, soft toys, flowers, streamers and rubber duckies. These small items can make the baby shower lovely and beautiful.

How to make Baby Shower Centerpieces?

Baby shower centerpieces are made in different fashions. They look more attractive and pleasing when there is a little bit of creativity and imagination.

Floral arrangements are one of the most popular ones. Here are the few steps to make a few types of baby shower centerpieces:

Rose Centerpiece

Try to collect some green leaves and roses in baby pink made of silk or any other material. Arrange it into a bouquet and tie it properly and decorate it with baby ribbon. You can use fresh roses also to make the rose centerpiece.

Floral Centerpiece

Flowers can give a pleasant and vibrant appearance to the baby shower centerpiece. It can be made of arranging different colors of flowers like orchids, Calla Lily, Iris, carnation, daisy, tulips, sunflower etc.

Fruit Table Centerpiece

A wonderful baby shower centerpiece can be made of using a combination of fruits. Make flowers, buds using cut pineapples, cherries, grapes, strawberries etc. Cut the pineapples using cookie cutter to make flowers. It can be used for making fruit salad to attract your kid.

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