How to Fix Leaky Shower Faucet?

To fix the leaky shower faucet can become an emergency when it starts over-leaking and increase the amount of water bill. It is wise to fix the leak as soon as possible to avoid wastage of water. It happens due to a worn out part in the shower faucet. So, the it is ideal and earth friendly to replace it as soon as possible.

The main cause for a a leak in the shower faucet is wear and tear. It can also happen due to the amount of pressure inserted to the seals during water flow.

So How to fix it?

Fixing a leaky shower faucet is not a big deal if you have a basic idea about the repairing tools and usage of the tools.

Here are some useful steps to fix the leaky shower faucet:

  • First trace out the exact place of leakage
  • Turn off all water lines to stop the water flow at the time of repairing
  • Now get back to the shower area and turn on the leaky faucet to drain out the remaining water
  • Make sure the type of the shower valve (whether it is one valve or two valve)
  • Detect where the washers have to be replaced and slowly unscrew the valves of both cold and hot shower faucets
  • Place the unscrewed ones with the holding nut
  • Unscrew stem of the shower and replace the washer
  • Insert a new packing washer at the shower stem middle section
  • Remember to clean the pipe and realign the parts and fix them in order
  • Try to avoid a damage to the surrounding wall area

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