What is a Fiberglass Shower Pan?

A fiberglass shower pan is an easy-to-install shower floor. Made of fiberglass, this floor is water resistant, grout resistant, easy to clean and is also economical. Installation of the fiberglass pan can be done by yourself with a bit of effort. With the various designs and varieties, a fiberglass pan can be give you a brand new shower floor within no time.

A fiberglass shower pan comes in a single piece or multiple parts. A single piece shower pan ensures that there is no leakage of water after installation.

Installing a Fiberglass Pan:

For installation, you would have to make sure that the underlying structure is even and strong. Dust, saw dust and other particles should be vacuumed. During the installation, a water-proof caulk should be used to seal the edges of the fiberglass pan. Improper installation can lead to leakage, bacteria and mold buildup. Although the installation of the pan is easy, you might still need a professional for the placing the shower floor.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to Install
  • Economical
  • No risk of grout
  • Flexible, and hence there is little risk of cracking


  • Hard cleaning agents should not be used
  • May not be aesthetically pleasing
  • The fiberglass should be kept away from heat. Excessive heat can lead to cracking or damage of the pan.

Given the advantages and disadvantages, a fiberglass pan would be ideal if you want a quick and fashionable shower floor. With proper installation and after care, the shower pan can really look appealing and unique.

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